When You Trust People, They Hold Themselves Accountable

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  1. JN, our Chief Operating Officer put it,

    when we hire someone, they start trust positive, that’s the default. No one will ever have to earn our trust after they’ve signed an offer agreement.

    Starting trust positive and being accountable means that we never micromanage, we know that team members will do strong work and deliver on time, and if they can’t, we know they will communicate this to us. We focus on the result, and not the process it took to get there.

    This feeling of being accountable as a new hire is something that Rowena, our Head of Business Development, has expressed to me. She joined our team early on, right as I was rapidly ramping up our sales pipeline, and as things were getting hectic! When asked to describe how she felt at that time she said,

    being invited to be part of discussions and feeling 100% trusted from day 1 empowered me with the confidence to decide what course of action our team needed to take to bring value to our potential clients and build strong partnerships. There was never a doubt in my abilities or capacities and it put me in a positive and healthy mindset that is rewarding for everyone.

    We are accountable also means to communicate openly both internally and externally. These blog posts right here are a perfect example of that. We want to showcase to the world who we are, what we’re building, and why. Part of it is to be an open book, but mainly it’s so we can hold ourselves accountable.

    Stay tuned later this week for the 3rd blog in this series. I’ll be digging into what We push the limits means to us.

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