The Core Values That Fuel Breathe Life

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  1. Seb, who is our Chief Product Officer, takes this value a step further by looking at it from a product design standpoint.

    We need to always remember that our technology serves people, real people, and in this regard, it needs to be relevant and accessible to all so everybody can use it and benefit from it. To do this, we need to ensure that we build a diverse team where everyone can contribute and brings a unique perspective.

    At its core, this value is all about how we each play an important role and that we are stronger as a team. It’s about working well together, being happy and comfortable within the team, and never forgetting that there are real people who need and use our products.

    We are one team is the first value we impart on new team members and is the one we consider to be the most important. I truly believe that you cannot scale a team unless all members practice authenticity, honesty, and humility.

    Have you or your team implemented values? I’d love to hear about how other companies are doing it and what impacted it has had on them as they scaled.

    Stay tuned for next week when I delve into our second value — We are accountable.

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