Direct experience.

Omnichannel Self-Serve Sales

Turn Leads into Prospects

Branded Lead Capture Tool

Branded Lead Capture Tool

  • Carrier branded landing pages with a mobile first and responsive design
  • Dynamic Calculators and needs analysis tools
  • Sophisticated behavioural analytics and data tracking

Marketing Analytics & Insights

Marketing Analytics & Insights

  • Single view of a customer, regardless of lead source or status
  • Marketing dashboards that include customer segmentation, Customer Acquistion Cost, Lifetime Value, conversion rates, funnel optimization, and more
  • Unified customer profile where all their information is found in one dashboard

Turn Prospects into Policies

Product Recommendation

  • Product recommendations based on the consumers needs
  • Recommendations based on algorithmic results, business rules, objectives, or targets
  • Improve conversion rates and placement ratio through the powerful AI built into the platform

Multi Product Quoter

  • A dynamic and engaging experience showcasing the premiums of multiple products
  • Customers can easily select the quote that suits their needs
  • Quote can be converted into an eApp without re-entering any information

Assisted Buying Process

  • Customers can get help at every step of the buying process.
  • A producer or call center agent can assist without having to re-key any information
  • The producer can include others in the buying process to confidentially complete parts of the application while protecting PII

Self-Serve eApp

  • Customers can apply for simple products using an optimized and mobile-first application process
  • Pre-ized debit, credit card, or pay-by-check payments options
  • Crypto or Wet Signature
70%Sales on mobile
33%Decrease in cost of acquisition
44%Instantly approved