No Turning Back: The Business of Insurance Will Never Be the Same

As we head into the holidays after a long and difficult year, I’ve been thinking about what a remarkable a year it has been as well.

We’ve Added Two Insurance Leaders and Trailblazers to our Board of Directors

Introducing Sharon Ludlow and Maria Hancock

Scaling a Remote-First Business: The Onboarding Process

Being 8 months into remote and actively hiring for multiple roles, we get asked quite a lot of questions about what our remote onboarding process looks like.

The Core Values That Fuel Breathe Life

We celebrate diversity, individuality, and everyone's contributions. We are stronger together.

Happy Work and Happy Life, the 5th Core Value at Breathe Life.

We thrive off our teammates and love to laugh and joke around. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Pushing the Limits and Never Getting Comfortable

We pursue excellence and take pride in our work. We never get comfortable.

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